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Ryan Reynolds to move to UK?

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively look set to have a place in the UK. They may split their time between the UK and the US to begin with.

We do not normally report on rumours on BFTVi but it does seem likely that the power house duo of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively will be looking to share at least part of their time in the UK.

Shrewsbury and Chester have been noted as possible places to buy property.

McElhenney and Reynolds bought the Wrexham football and plan to invest in it over the next few years.

Quotes from Reynolds and McElhenney include:

“Why Wrexham? Why not!” – Rob McElhenney

“This is the third-oldest club on the planet and we don’t see why it can’t have a global appeal,” said Reynolds. “We want Wrexham to be a global force.”

We wish them the best and look forward to having them stay.