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With over eighteen years experience in the film and TV industry catering field, it is no wonder the Shell Vickers and her daughter, Cat, have been getting fantastic reviews from her customers. They are able to cover a unit of 2000 people and more importantly have changed the way people think of Hot Boxes in general.

Red Hot Box has over 35 staff working to produce the food that fills the delicious boxes which leave the kitchen.
There have been so many changes in the industry recently, remote workers have become common place.

Shell has her mind on the future with Red Hot Box and are Carbon Neutral. No plastic is used. Red Hot Box supports Carbon Aware (they currently buy 4 trees a month) and Shell appears to always have one eye on the future.

Open the box

Shell says that amongst the changes is the ratio of Vegan and vegetarian meals, which can be 40%, with more vegan and vegetarian meals going out than fish.

Vegan Hot Box.

Red Hot Box has strict COVID policies in place.