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We need great coffee on set!

Coffee has become the next big thing on film and TV sets and events. Other beverages are also encouraged, but not as important. There are many companies that now specialise in just making sure that your crew is kept up to date with their daily caffeine.

It is often best to have a company purely to supply your coffee needs as these can be ongoing throughout the day and the shoot and people do love to have ‘good coffee’.

Many all round catering companies also do coffee of course, but these days , coffee has become something of an art and people tend to expect the best.

With so many things to sort out before starting to shoot a film or TV series, should coffee now be something to put more time into and more money?

Coffee can keep your crew and cast boosted and feeling happier, so maybe it is.

Finding the most reliable coffee and craft companies may seem like a minefield. However, we have chosen 4 of the best and added them under Coffee & Craft Services.

We stand by all the companies that are included in BFTVi.

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